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Jessi's Wine & Goods is a retail shop focused on bringing quality wine, beer, cider, cheese, cured meats, and other specialty food items made by artisan producers to Western Montana. 

Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in the town of Hamilton, MT. 

We are here to help you enjoy, explore, connect, and take your experiences to the next level.

Owner, Jessi Trauth, is a native Bitterrooter, wine expert, and artist. Schedule a consultation with Jessi and share what you love to drink and want to explore so she can better help you pick out wines catered specifically to you.

Planning an event! Let us help you pick out the perfect selection of wines for your special occasion. 

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Charlie, Wally Bear, Stephen, Jessi, Emmi Lou
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Mimi pashrash & tales.heic

Owner JESSI TRAUTH: Born and raised in Montana's Bitterroot Valley, Jessi Trauth moved to New York City at the age of 18 where she earned a BFA in theatre from NYU. With a thirst for creative expression she has worked to facilitate connection and activate the senses through many mediums. Throughout her time working as an artist in NYC and touring the world with musicals, her love for wine grew and took hold. Jessi began hosting interactive wine tastings in 2013 and developing her concept of art and wine pairings, leading her to form her band CORK & SPARK. Jessi seeks to connect to the character and life of a wine though music, movement, food, and poetry while offering extensive knowledge and background about the source and wine making process.  She is thrilled to be back in her home land offering wine and goods produced by the most ethical, talented, and dedicated producers around the globe. 
The power and artistry available in a beautiful wine has the potential to captivate and lift us into endless opportunities for connection and meaningful experience. 

STEPHEN MANTEI: A proud tree hugger, Stephen came to Montana five years ago for a degree in Wildlife Biology and Resource Conservation. His beach pup, Delilah, tagged along as his study partner. He loves grapes as much as trees, having been near and around wine his whole life. 
Stephen is jazzed about the shop’s Australian wine section, which features thoughtful wine makers on the cutting edge of what natural wine can and should be. Delilah highly recommends our sparkling and still Chenin Blanc selection, paired with her current favorite: raw salmon.

Stephen’s sister opened her own sustainable wine shop and bar in CA, called Semi Tropic Wines. Be sure to visit them when you head south!

AMY LISS: Meet Amy aka Mimi. She’s been working at Jessi's since the grand opening of the wine bar in November 2022!

She loves wines with fun animals on them first, but is also really interested in exploring wine from all over. Recently moving from Oregon, she chose the Tales of The Sun Pinot Noir, and loving funky fun wines she chose the Borachio "Pash Rash" Pet Nat Sparkling Wine from Australia.

When not slinging wines at the wine bar, Amy is slinging pizzas and pastas with her business @mimisportico and illustrating @facesofweird
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